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Make Money for Christmas with a genuine work-at-home job in 2014

Find genuine and scam-free ways to work at home this winter

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Find the best legitimate ideas to earn money from home

Check out the most popular ideas to start a home business. Genuine easy ways in which you can start to make money at home.

Fast and easy ways for stay-at-home mums and dads, unemployed or anybody who needs to increase their income, earn extra cash or raise money without resorting to a loan or overdraft.

Find out how to start and succeed in your own small business and how to avoid the mistakes that can cost you time and money. Even if you've never worked for yourself you can start today with lots of our great free business ideas. Find out how to avoid the scams and rip-offs and how you can start your own business for little or no cost.

Make and sell Crafts - Great ideas for things that you can make and sell - cards, gifts, keepsakes, wedding, anniversary and birthday presents. If you enjoy working with your hands, it can be hugely satisfying to enjoying making something and get paid for it.

Ripping up L platesDriving Jobs - If you like driving and need some cash, how about using your car to earn money evenings and weekends. There are almost always openings for drivers in everything from mini cabbing to delivering parcels.

Easy Jobs - Well, maybe not all easy, but many of these jobs don't need any special skills or experience - just lots of enthusiasm or knowledge of a hobby you can turn to good use.

woman holding computerEarn Money Computing - You've got a computer or you wouldn't be reading this! Now find how can you make money with your PC. Forget dodgy data entry and marketing schemes, you might not get rich quick but you can make a steady income if you take the right steps.

More Jobs to do at home - Everybody has got a talent they can use to make money - what's yours? Find out more about employment opportunities at home and how easy it can be to start your own home business

Franchises - Buy yourself a job and avoid the start-up pitfalls with a franchise. From a couple of hundred to a couple of million pounds, you can buy into a ready-to roll business idea that's been tried and tested.

Head MassageHealing and Therapy Jobs - Start a business as a healer, counsellor or teacher. Demand for alternative therapies is as high as ever and working as a therapist can fit well around a full-time occupation. Find training courses to help you succeed.

Find out more home business ideas

 100 work at home ideasWhatever your reasons for wanting to work at home, we can help you to find out more on simple free ways to earn money from home fast. You might be looking for extra cash to help make ends meet.

You could be worried about redundancy, or you may even have lost your job and need money desperately.

Maybe you've had unexpected bills and are looking for an easy and legitimate way to make fast extra cash, or maybe you just need to earn extra money to pay off your credit cards.

It's best to avoid borrowing money if you can - things such as payday loans may seem like a great idea but you can end paying back much more than you borrowed. The best way of finding extra cash fast is to look at ways in which you can either earn more or reduce your outgoings.

Check out our pages to help you get started in a work at home business to make extra cash with no investment apart from your time.

Genuine ideas for Winter money making at home in 2014

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crafts for gifts

Save Money

Not looking forward to another broke year? - save money every day

Make Crafts

Make and sell easy crafts all year round

Home business help:

We can help with all kinds of things from starting your own business and how to create a business plan to impress your bank manager?

Business loan repayments - find out how much a business loan might cost you.

Do women make better business owners?

Get great ideas for a working at home business to make money from home.

Save money on your energy or water bills ( ideas on how to save - NOT a comparison site! )

Use our free site to get some great ideas on earning cash in your spare time.

Starting a small business in the UK, the US or the EU

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Financial information on this site relates primarily to the UK but work at home and small business ideas and information can be useful wherever you are. Most of our users are based in the UK and US but we are seeing more and more budding entrepreneurs from countries further afield such as India and the far east!

Don't forget though, that the legalities of starting and running a business vary from country to country and state to state. Your business may need permissions, licences, registration and insurance and of course your friendly tax office will want to know about your earnings!

It's your responsibility to ensure that your business is compliant with all necessary rules and regulations.

Luckily, there is a wealth of knowledge available on the web about how to start up a business in your area. Good places to find information are national, state and local government websites and your local chamber of commerce or business bureau.

The bureaucracy can have a plus side though - you may find your start-up or innovative business is eligible for support in the form of tax breaks, subsidised business loans, grants and other practical help.


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