Declutter your home - Declutter your life

declutter your home

Declutter your home -

Find out how easy it is to get rid off all the stuff you don't need.

Have more room to enjoy your home. Get rid of the junk from your space and your life and feel better and happier.

before and after tidy wardrobeJust imagine how much freer you would feel with your living space uncrowded and spacious.

When you stay in a hotel there is a lightness and freedom in the room – life seems simpler.

The room seems bigger and allows you space to breathe.

The suitcase of outfits you bring swings freely in the wardrobe.

How easy it is to get ready in the morning!

Follow our simple methods to sort your own home so that it's light and spacious and clutter free! us - it works!

Too Much Stuff

Ever wondered why you have so much stuff? It's because relatively speaking everything is cheaper than it's ever been.

Thanks to technology and mass production, the cost of everything we buy has dropped hugely since our parents and grandparents generations. Did they ever tell you how long it took to save for their first car or how they had to depend on gifts of furniture and buy second hand appliances to equip their first home?

Relative to earnings, it takes a fraction of the amount it used to to buy anything, even big ticket items like televisions or cars. Most of us, especially with the advent of cheap credit, don't have to wait if we want something, we don't even have to go out shopping anymore. Just a click and it's delivered to us.

It's great to have so much stuff available but unless we are careful, we can accumulate too much and instead of making us feel good, our possessions can start to impinge on our living space.


Top Three Fast declutter tips - click the pic to find out more

making a listMake a list - Lists are good but only if they translate to action. Once you have got rid of the easy stuff, make a list of all the things you can do without and the reasons you don't need them. Ask: 1) Why you are keeping it. 2) The next time you anticipate using it. 3) How costly or difficult it would be to replace? then action accordingly.

cluttered wardrobeWhat's the reason? - There's always a reason you stop using something. Everything from a pair of trousers to a lightshade talks to you about why you don't use it. Think about why you are putting something back in the cupboard or up in the attic. Too small, wrong color, worn out, too nice (keep for best), sentimental value. Find out how you can decide whether to keep or chuck.

Scandinavian girl hygge What is Hygge? - It's a Danish word (pronounced 'hoogah' which doesn't translate to English in one hit but encompasses cosiness and whatever makes you feel good - anything from candles on a winter evening to a few beers and a good chat with your mates. From our point of view it's the warm glow you get when you've got rid of all the rubbish in your life and sit back with a glass of wine and survey your uncluttered home.

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