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Business Loan Calculator - how much will it cost to raise the finance you need for your business?

Whether you are considering starting your own business or are trying to raise money for an existing business, you can use our business loan repayment calculator to get an idea of possible monthly payments on your loan. Starting your own small business can be an exciting and challenging way to earn a living and these days can offer as much, if not more, security than many jobs.

Example Loan Repayments - use this fast and easy loan calculator to see just how much you may be able to borrow. Find out potential monthly repayments on your secured loan then make an enquiry. Find a business start up loan if you are starting your own business or a business loan to expand an existing business - lenders could be waiting to help. Find great deals on loans.

Find a loan - lenders want to say yes if they can lend responsibly!

The results of this loan payment calculator are for general information purposes only. To use, enter values for the Loan Amount, Number of Months for Loan, and the Interest Rate (e.g. 11.25), and click the Calculate button.

What APR?

The actual APR which you might pay on a loan will vary depending on a number of factors such as past credit history, amount, term etc. APR may be higher if you have a bad credit history.

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Make 2019 the year to start or grow your business.

Despite Brexit and the economy bumping along at low growth levels, there are still plenty of opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you have the right idea and the skills to go with it, starting your own business can be much more satisfying and lucrative than working for an employer. These days, with both the public sector and private employers laying off staff, it can also be more secure!

Many employees dream of being their own boss some day and the threat of redundancy can be the spur needed to make the exciting move to becoming your own boss, and of starting up your own business. There are great deals to be had at the moment - vendors of everything from vehicles to advertising space are offering bargain prices to get your business.

business loan handshakeFind out about:

  • Loans for small and start-up businesses.
  • Loans from reputable UK based lenders at reasonable rates.
  • Loans if you've had business loan credit problems.
  • Loans for almost any purpose.

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Business Start Up Loans

Whether you are an established company, are looking for a start up loan or are just considering running your own business, find fast help with a business loan.

Find competitive APR's from lenders in the UK. A business loan can improve your day to day cash flow and enable you to enhance your business long term. Perhaps you want to expand your business, purchase a new venture, renovate or move to a new location. Or will business loans or financial restructuring allow you to make the exciting move from working for someone else to being your own boss?

The first start up year of running a small business is the most difficult. The less you take out of the business the higher your chance is of being a success. Arranging a sensible low payment business loan can relieve the pressure of the difficult and often costly start-up period.

Find out more about a loan to start a business - Work out monthly repayments with a business loan calculator - Find out how to write a business plan - Find out how to buy a business

Existing Business Debts - Can a small business loan help?

Small business man on phone for a loanA business loan can consolidate any existing debts. By taking control of your finances you can make the difference between profit and loss, and the success of your business. Repayments can be fixed or variable and can be spread over a period that suits your business.

High interest rates on short term debts such as credit cards and overdrafts can lead to financial pressure. Most businesses require investment at some point and a personal business loan can enable you to take your company to success - helping your business increase its working capital, expand, begin new businesses and acquire new property and equipment.
A business loan can give fast access to capital with minimal payments and a flexible repayment plan matched to your finances. Plans are available for small business loans for start up and expansion.

Enquire now, business lenders have access to thousands of business loans packages and rates and can find a loan to suit you and your business.

Fast loans to help your business grow.

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More Useful Information on Loans for Business

Find out the legal and financial implications plus lots of help on starting a business from the UK Government business link

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Business loans for women

Business loans for women

Finance for women to start or build a business

It can be a very satisfying move to go from working for someone else to being your own boss - taking control of your own potential and future. Men are twice as likely to start a business as women. In the UK only 30 per cent of businesses are owned by women and only a quarter of the UK’s 3.2 million self-employed workers are female. Only three women occupy a Chief Executive position in the FTSE 100. It's time to change that!

Women aged 18 - 24 years are the least likely to start up a business, and women's enterprise groups want this age group to be given encouragement by more business related training at schools and universities. Those who have been lucky enough to have early business training are two-and-a-half times more likely to become entrepreneurs, as are graduates. Self-confidence is one of the most important ingredients for anyone starting a business - you need to believe in your own abilities to be a success.

In the past five years there has been an improvement with more and more women deciding to branch out and become their own boss. The UK has not caught up with Europe and the US yet, but the business gender gap is getting smaller. The face of business is at last changing. A recent survey revealed that one in every hundred women workers aims to start their own business in the next three years.

Flexible Hours

woman working as floristStarting a home-based business can enable women to bring up their children and continue their working career, as these days not many couples can survive on one wage.

The flexibility of the working hours when running your own business appeals to many and it is one of the main reasons women give for starting their own business, and the rewards from your own personal effort can be very satisfying. Flexibility in working hours due to self-employment means that many mums have been able to start 'kitchen table' businesses as an alternative to returning to mainstream work. The web has helped many small business owners realise their ambition to work from home and finally give up commuting to and fro to work every day.

Find a loan to suit your business plan from a lender who specializes in business loans - whether you are starting up a new business or planning on expanding your existing business and need investment to realise your entrpreneur dreams.

Grants for starting a business

Getting started

If you're a female entrepreneur then getting a business started in the UK is much easier than it used to be. There is a wealth of help and advice available on the internet and offline from both governmental and voluntary sources. The government started a new scheme in 2006 to encourage more female business startups. Some local authorities can also offer business grants aimed specifically at helping women to start their own business. There are generally two types of grants - a direct grant or a repayable grant.

Getting a grant if possible, should be on every start-up's list of objectives, but bear in mind that there may be conditions, such as a grant being only available under specific circumstances. These circumstances can vary but may include:

  • Employment criteria - you may need to be unemployed or returning to work to qualify.
  • Location - grants may be available only if you are growing or starting a business in certain areas, such as rural or inner city development zones.
  • Business type and size - grants may apply to a certain type and size of business e.g. a start-up or a larger business needing to expand.
  • Use of the money - often the grant is only available for a specific purpose, such as new equipment or training rather than general business expenses.

There is also often a limited supply of grant funding available in any given financial period, so you may be in competition with other businesses to gain funding from this source. Finally, apart from certain small grants, grant funding does not generally cover all costs - you will need to match funding from this source with your own or borrowed money. There are also schemes that offer subsidised or free consultancy to women business owners.

Loans for women in business

Most new businesses need to rent premises, buy stock or equipment, advertise or pay staff, so finance at the startup is vital.

According to a recent survey, women are generally less successful at obtaining business loans, despite being more reliable with paying the loan back and achieving business success. This is in part due to women having interrupted careers due to children and also not being as confident as men.

Find out more about the types of loan available for starting or expanding your business.

Make it happen for you - achieve success on your own terms by becoming your own boss.


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