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The rise in UK property prices means the market is still very quiet, leading many homeowners to consider staying put and improving or extending their house, rather than move to a new home. Also, with the incidental expenses of moving, such as: stamp duty, estate agents, solicitor and removal fees, you can see why an extension or conservatory can be an attractive option.

Money spent on improving your home can be a worthwhile investment as well as improving your surroundings, but you need to consider carefully about what 'improvements' you choose. Are you planning to stay in your current property and improving purely for your own benefit, or are you looking to add value with a view to selling in a year or two?

Selling your House

If you are likely to be selling your property in a year or so then you'll find that some improvements, such as double glazing and central heating are more or less regarded as essential these days. So, generally, adding these will increase the value of your home, which should be reasonably easy to recoup when you move, in the asking price. Less certain improvements to increase the price of your house are ultra fitted kitchens, extra bathrooms and extensions - all of which should be carefully considered before going ahead.
You might enjoy cordon bleu cooking sessions and need all the top kitchen facilities, but your potential house purchaser might only be interested in reheating takeaways and not consider the extra expense of your designer kitchen as a huge advantage to the property!
A reasonably priced modern kitchen and bathroom will enhance your home, and having a garage or conservatory can be an advantage.

Generally, you should not expect to recoup the cost of any improvements which would increase the house price more than about
15-20% above the average for a similar property in your area.

Staying Put

If you're not planning to move in the near future then you don't need to worry so much about recovering the costs of home-improvements, and as long as you stay away from unpopular 'improvements', such as stone-cladding and swimming pools, then the sky's the limit - literally, in the case of a loft extension!

A loft extension can add significant value to your home, but only if it's done properly. Unlike the loft extensions of the sixties and seventies - which can look like someone's put a garage on the roof - modern extensions are designed to blend in with the existing structure of the property and can enhance the appearance and size of your home, as well as its value. A garage also adds value to a home, but only if it does not steal too much of the garden. Likewise, with a conservatory, it can provide valuable extra living space, but remember to keep it in proportion with both the house and the garden.

Best Value Improvements

The most cost effective way of adding value to your house is the cheapest, which is to keep it in good decorative order. If you ever decide to sell then clean, neutral decoration is one of the most powerful selling points. Make sure the exterior brickwork, roof tiles, pathways and windows and doors (don't forget the garage door) are well maintained. First impressions matter when you are selling your property.
A well-cared for garden sends the signal that you care about your surroundings and are likely to take care of your property.

Finance for Home Improvements

Whatever your home improvement ambitions are we can help you find the finance that you need to make your house the home of your dreams, or of your potential buyer! Try us to find everything from a credit card to buy the new wallpaper to a secured loan to finance your new extension. Choose the right improvements and you can add thousands to your home's value and improve your living space.

Most popular home improvements

These are the most popular improvements for potentially adding value to a property.

  • Redecorating
  • A Garage
  • Central Heating
  • A Loft or Attic Conversion
  • A Conservatory

Worst value home improvements

These 'improvements' probably won't add value, and worse still some may even de-value your home by thousands when you come to resell it.

  • Stone Cladding
  • Swimming pool
  • Double-glazing on a period property
  • 3rd Bathroom
  • New Carpets

decorateFind a loan for almost any purpose - A new conservatory, double glazing, an extension or loft conversion or debt consolidation.

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