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12th November 2014 - Temporary jobs for Christmas - make some money this Xmas with a temporary christmas job in your local area.

21st Sept 2014 - Buying and selling - updated and new content added

27th May 2014 - Envelope Stuffing - still our most popular page! avoid the scams and check out our updates to the envelope stuffing page.

19th February 2014 - Make crafts to sell - easy to make, sellable crafts and creative ideas you can work on at home.

27th December 2013 - Make money in 2014 - it's a long way to next payday so how can you lay hands on some cash today.

12th December 2013 - Save money on your daily expenses - with the latest round of gas and electricity price rises, it's a good time to review your energy options.

16th November 2013 - Save money on your heating bill - with the latest round of gas and electricity price rises, it's a good time to review your energy consumption.

1st November 2013 - Still some Christmas jobs left- but they're going fast.

18th October 2013 - Temporary jobs for Christmas - make some money this Xmas with a temporary retail or delivery job in your local area.

24th September 2013 - General updates for Autumn. The kids are back at school so now you have time to start that small business at home!

14th August 2013 - Changes and updates to the craft pages - start making now for Christmas!

25th July 2013 - Updates to the work with people pages - if you want to be a film extra or entertainer, now's your chance!

3rd July 2013 - Updates with more information on the driving jobs and chatline work pages.

16th May 2013 - As the weather improves, why not offer maintenance and exterior decorating services?

26th April 2013 - Spring has sprung, so now is the time for all you green-fingered guys to offer lawn cutting, tidying up borders, trimming trees services. Why not pot up some tubs of flowering bulbs and bedding plants, and start off your hanging baskets? When the sun starts to shine we all want flowers in our gardens again.

16th April 2013 - Updates to beauty therapy and personal care pages.

26th March 2013 - Update to the Driving Jobs Pages - Layout improved to make it easier to find all sorts of jobs using your car. Catalogue Delivery Jobs, Taxi and Limo driving jobs and car repair, car valeting all have their own pages.

25th March 2013 - More questions added to the Chat Line page. More on how you become an adult chat line operator. How do you get started and how much can you earn? How do you avoid being ripped-off? Can you work on a mobile or cellphone or do you need a landline?

22nd March 2013 - Updates to the envelope stuffing pages - can you still make money stuffing envelopes at home?

5th March 2013 - More information added to beauty therapy and personal care work at home pages. Find out how to get started as a hairdresser or beautician from home.

27th February 2013 - Interesting article on the BBC website about working from home. Despite the hype about how we'll all soon be telecommuting, some large hi-tech companies seem to prefer their employees to be in the office rather than working from home. Although it relates mainly to working for someone else from home, it does have some useful insights into the pros and cons of working from home for yourself. ( external site - opens in new window)

24th February 2013 - More updates to nail technician pages and more on how to make money online from home.

20th February 2013 - New pages added - all about becoming a nail technician. Find out how you get started and find work in a salon or in your own home as a qualified nail technician.

6th February 2013 - Why not look at starting up a new business in the spring. Car valeting and garden maintenance are both popular options as the weather starts to warm up. Try offering a garden 'spring clean' service getting gardens, pathways and drives ready for the summer. Once the cold weather is over how about a car deep-clean inside and out to remove mud and salt from the underside?

2nd January 2013 - Christmas and the new year are out of the way and it's time to look at your finances. If you've overspent at Christmas, don't miss our easy ways to start making some extra cash in 2013. Start by getting rid of those unwanted presents on eBay. Don't forget you can also make some cash by snow-clearing drives and pathways.

14th December 2012 - Crafts are always popular at Christmas. If you're already into making and selling crafts save cash and give them as presents. If you are thinking about getting into crafting, or you know someone who is then materials, tools and 'how to' books make well-appreciated presents.

3rd December 2012 - Christmas is approaching fast and if you believe the hype, everyone seems to be spending like there's no recession. If you don't want to start the new year short of cash, don't get drawn into the trap of spending more than you can afford and in particular don't borrow money to fund Christmas. When all's said and done it's just one day and not worth getting in to debt for.

22nd November 2012 - Update to the piecework pages. There are still limited opportunities to do home-based piecework jobs but there are also many dubious companies in this market. Research any potential employers in this area and don't respond to unsolicited job offers.

20th November 2012 - We've updated the page on finding more customers. This is where you can find out how to sell crafts and other items that you've made or purchased. Find out how to make sales online, or at your local market, car boot sale or craft show. Selling stuff that you've made is often the hardest part of running a home based business so these top sales tips can be a big help.

18th November 2012 - In response to enquiries about chat line jobs, the page has been updated and expanded. This kind of work isn't for everyone but it can be a good way of making money in the evenings and at weekends. As well as adult chat jobs, there are also work at home jobs doing horoscopes and tarot readings. Watch out for slow payers and scams in this particular niche.





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