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Car Repair from Home

car repair from home

If you are friendly, knowledgeable and reliable, you are halfway to running your own car repair business from home already!


Start a car repair and servicing business from home

With the credit crunch biting into everyone's motoring budget, if you are skilled in car mechanics why not offer cut-price car repair and servicing? Without the overheads of running a garage you can probably undercut their expensive prices.

female mechanic repairing carEveryone needs somebody they can rely on to sort out their car problems, or just carry out important routine maintenance, such as: servicing, oil changes and battery replacement.

If you have the necessary skills and equipment, offer these services at the client's home or workplace - go the extra mile and offer delivery and collection services, how about collecting the customers car from their workplace and returning it later that day serviced and with a new MOT.

Lots of people are time-poor and anything that saves them the hassle having to find a garage and arrange dropping off and collecting their vehicle will appeal.

There are related services you could offer such as repairs to caravans, campers and trailers, scratch repair and dent-pulling services and alloy wheel refurbishment Check out franchises in this field.

Car Valeting

This is a good example of a business which you can grow organically, it's easy to get started with little or no investment. Most part-timers start by travelling to the customers' home or work.

You'll need a vacuum cleaner and a full range of interior and exterior cleaning products, for inside and outside the vehicle - washing and polishing equipment.

The advantage of working at the customers' home or place of business is that you may get extra business from passers by and colleagues. If you are going to work from home you will need a driveway to work in and preferably understanding neighbours.

As in car repairs above, you could add value by offering other services such as scratch repair, dent-pulling and alloy wheel refurbishment.

restored cars for saleRestoring Cars and Bikes

This can be a good way of combining a hobby with an income. If you are into tinkering with old vehicles, then you can turn a profit if you buy at the right price and don't spend too much on the restoration.

You could also look at buying and selling second-hand cycles and bicycle repairs, as there can be a good demand for these services, especially in areas with large populations of students. Try eBay, Craigslist, and Freecycle to source cheap or free stock to work on and also local classifieds and auctions. Good sources of bikes ( and other stuff) to sell are police and train, bus and airport unclaimed property auctions. Check out the relevant website for the dates and times of auctions.

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