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Temporary Jobs for Christmas 2019 in the UK

Boost your income with a part-time or temporary Christmas job

temporary christmas retail assistant

We've looked around at the major hirers of temporary Christmas workers in the UK and listed some of the main ones below.

Most of the Christmas work is in retail or delivery and some of the employers may take on promising workers on permanent contracts. Put the effort in and you might get a long-term job. Even if you don't get taken on full-time, the cash will certainly come in handy for buying Christmas presents. Also, if you are looking for a full-time job, having temporary work periods on your CV can help to show potential employers that you have a good work ethic and are serious about looking for a job. Merry Xmas!

Temporary Christmas work in your local area

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Don't forget that it's not just the major employers shown below who may be recruiting temporary staff for Christmas. At this time of year thousands of small businesses need extra help and recruitment methods can vary from a card in the window to asking friends of friends.

Print off a short CV explaining why you're just the right type of enthusiastic team player to pitch in over the holiday period then take a walk round your local area and ask at shops, restaurants, cafes pubs and bars and anywhere else you think might need help over Christmas and the new year.

Apply as soon as possible for the best chance of 2019 Christmas jobs.

The best Christmas Jobs 2019 - enquire early to register your interest and have a better chance of landing a Christmas Job in 2019!


Amazon - Jobs in the UK, Europe and US


Asda - Asda recruits seasonal workers for work on an ongoing basis. Once you've succeeded in applying for your seasonal job (for uop to 8 weeks a year) you don't need to apply again in subsequent years.


Debenhams - Customer Assistants, stockroom, catering staff.


Christmas Jobs at John Lewis and Waitrose - Recruiting for : Selling Assistants, Catering Assistants and Stock Management.

Marks and Spencers ( M&S ) - Looking for thousands of temporary customer assistants across the UK.

Post Office - Royal Mail - A mix of full and part time indoor sorting positions on early, late and night shifts will be available from early November through until 23rd December at various sites across the UK

Sainsburys - Sainsbury’s has created 15,000 new seasonal jobs this year, to meet increased demand over the busy Christmas and New Year period.


Note - Not all of the above employers may be recruiting seasonal or Christmas workers at this time but they often have vacancies for all kinds of full-time and part-time jobs. All links are external and open in new windows.


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Even if you can't find a Christmas job, you can still make cash from home with some of our great ideas for working from home.


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