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Hand craft work from home - arts and crafts to make money

knitting for profit

If you can knit, you can make money selling clothes, scarves, gloves and accessories

Getting started on making money with work at home crafts

Bride in designer wedding dress

Some of the ideas for crafts to earn money at home are 'traditional' skills that have always been in demand, such as sewing and dress-making. If you are skilled at these then you can easily start to offer your services to a wider audience with leaflets, newspaper ads, putting cards in shops and word-of-mouth recommendations.

If you're flexible and efficient and able to turn out work quickly in an emergency, then you'll find that your customers will be more than happy to recommend you to their friends and family.

Don't forget to call and talk to any local shops and dry cleaners to see if they will consider using your services, recommend you or allow you to display cards or leaflets.

Selling arts and crafts - where to sell your stuff

Almost all of the 'crafty' ideas lend themselves to selling at local markets and online. The more 'niche' or exclusive that your product is, then the better it will generally sell online. People are much more likely to buy online if your product is unusual or hard to source - especially if you have taken the trouble to set up a secure online shop (there are lots of simple solutions to doing this available online - you'll be surprised how easy it is).

Many people sell crafts via eBay, which offers security and reassurance to buyer and seller, and allows easy and secure payment via Paypal. You can sell at auction in the usual way, or set up a complete virtual craft shop. You can also sell on specialist craft sales sites such as and

How to sell crafts locally:

Car Boot Sales
Weekly Markets
Craft Markets and fairs
Sell pictures in a restaurant, pub or cafe
Rent a stall at an event (search for events in your area where you think you could sell and contact the organisers)
Talk to local shops and galleries about buying your stuff, or selling it on commission
Tell everyone you meet
Classified ads in your local magazine, free newspaper,etc
Leaflets and cards in local shops, newsagents, etc.
Distribute leaflets

If you're selling from a stall or other face-to-face environment, don't forget the importance of packaging and display. People are much more likely to buy something that's well wrapped or packaged in a presentation box. Also if you're trying to get retailers to take your products, an attractive display stand and publicity material can make all the difference.

If you need to brush up on your skills or learn some new ones, don't forget that there are often affordable or even free classes in all kinds of arts and crafts, as well as lots of online support and advice.

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Make Jewellery for profit

Handmade and bespoke jewellery is always sellable, as evidenced by the popularity of courses available on the subject. If you need to learn from scratch, there are a variety of courses available offering everything from a brief introduction through to quite complex techniques. Jewellery making courses are often available at evening classes, so it's worth checking with your local library on availability.

The kind of thing you make depends on your own preference and skill level, but there are lots of kits for the beginner which can help you get started before you move on to more difficult projects. Think about supplying custom-made items to niche markets too - goths, bikers, steampunks and heavy metal fans for instance are often great jewellery fans and are a good market for out of the ordinary and custom-made items.

jewellery making supplies


Belts, wallets and bespoke leather items are all very saleable. Again think about niche markets, such as re-enactment groups, bikers (panniers, saddles and toolbags as well as the usual clothing and accessories). Everyone is always looking for a bargain or something different, so your design, quality and price will determine how successful you will be.

It is worthwhile taking a leatherwork class to get you started, as there are specific skills and tools required for this craft. Once you have learnt the basic techniques of leatherwork, then you will be able to add your own creative design to your work and make leather items to sell.


Mosaic is great way of customising or 'blinging up' everyday objects such as mirrors, vases, picture frames, boxes and furniture. You can buy plain objects and add loads of value by covering them with mosaic. You don't even need to buy special mosaic tiles or glue - people get great results with broken bits of mirror, tile and ceramic and ordinary tile cement. Try selling at local markets and craft fairs initially, and then if your work becomes in demand you can perhaps move on to taking special orders.

mosaic making help

craft marketPicture Framing and Mount Cutting

The clip frame hasn't quite swept away all before it, there is still demand for made-to-measure picture framing - not every picture is a convenient standard size. You'll need plenty of room to work and keep your stock in, and a mitre saw set-up to cut the frames to size.

An ideal service to offer with picture framing is custom mounting. For example mounts cut in the shape of names, letters and numbers to commemorate a specific birthday or anniversary can be popular. For the more complex shapes, you can buy the mount ready cut and add the customer's photographs before framing and selling on.


See under photography jobs

Rug Making

What started as a cheap way to cover the floor has become an art form in its own right with hand-made rugs, as something to look at and admire rather than just stand on! The old style 'rag rugs' are as popular as ever, giving a warm and cosy feel to any room.

You can make rag rugs using old material such as 'T' Shirts cut up into narrow strips and threaded through a hesssian backing. For more complex designs, it's possible to buy backing cloth with the pattern already printed on it. This is an easy way for the beginner to get started, as you can buy everything you need as a kit and then progress to more difficult projects as you gain experience.

Basics of rug making

Sell soft Furnishings

It's curtains for you (and all your friends) if you get into making soft furnishings. Windows have a habit of coming in odd sizes so there is a steady demand for curtains, pelmets, drapes and hangings. This is another Work from Home idea that can take up a lot of space, so ideally, you'll need a dedicated room to work in and of course a good quality sewing machine.

Soft Furnishing Supplies

wood carving

Woodwork and Wood Turning

Woodwork as a term encompasses a whole range of crafts from carving and whittling, right through to cabinet and furniture making. Wood turning is the use of a lathe to work or 'turn' wood to create things such as cups, bowls, furniture and even wooden hats. Again, if you're already doing this as a hobby, it's quite an easy thing to monetize, but it can be expensive if you have to set up from scratch.

Sellable items include rustic style fruitbowls and small 'luxury' items such as keepsake boxes, lovespoons, and candlesticks, etc. Craft fairs are a good place to showcase your wares initially, and you can also sell on sites like eBay.

If you need to get some help with the techniques of woodwork, a course or workshop session is a good idea to start with. There are also lots of resources on the web - tutorials, projects, woodworking forums and tool reviews. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced craftsman or woman looking for help, it's easy to find online.

woodwork web

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