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Driving-related jobs

working as a car delivery driver

If you are reliable and trustworthy, you could find work as a car delivery driver

Driving Instructor jobs

Happy girl showing Driving Test PassedDriving instruction fits in well as a work-from-home job, but does require investment as regards training and vehicle costs. To train as a qualified driving instructor you'll need to have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of three and a half years, have less than six penalty points and not have been disqualified from driving within the past four years.

You need to pass some stiff exams:

- a theory test

- a driving ability assessment

- a test of instructional ability

and also have a criminal record check as part of the process, to ensure that you are a 'fit and proper person' to become an instructor.

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) has full details on how to become a driving instructor on its website. Once you've passed the exams you can register as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and work from home on a self-employed, employed or franchise basis.

Earnings for a full-time instructor can be up to £30K per annum, and much less pro-rata, as even if you teach driving as a part-time job, the fixed costs such as paying for the car and insurance remain the same, so unless you can arrange a job-share or similar, it's really a full-time occupation.

Girls in a limo
Limo Driving work

Limo driving is another driving job that fits well around a daytime job, as the highest demand is at nights and weekends.

Clients range from business users through weddings to proms and hen nights so limo drivers need to be presentable, friendly, calm, discreet and reliable and have a full, clean driving licence.

Some companies may also require a PCV licence and criminal record check. Contact your local limo company to enquire about vacancies.

Lorry Driving - LGV and PCV licences for driving lorries and buses

If you have the correct HGV licences required you can look for lorry driving jobs. If you want to drive a large goods vehicle (LGV) or a bus or coach - a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV), you will need a full driving licence, and be over 21, before you can apply for a provisional licence to learn to drive these larger vehicles.

You will also need to complete a medical form, as part of your application for a provisional licence, in order to drive a larger vehicle. In the case of a PCV licence, you will also need to undergo a criminal record check.

You have to take both theory and practical driving tests, and also pass the Driver CPC theory and practical tests, if intending to drive larger vehicles professionally.
More info from on Directgov on: driving larger vehicles

The process of getting a LGV or PCV licence can be quite an investment, requiring time, money and effort, but it will obviously open up your choice of the best driving jobs in the UK. If you want to drive abroad then you will need an International truck licence.

Mini Cab work and Taxi Driving jobs

mini cab driverThe rules for mini cab and taxi driving vary around the country from the rigorous 'knowledge' of the London Black Cab driver to less demanding local requirements for minicab drivers. As a rule, mini cabs or private hire vehicles are pre-booked by the customer and are not allowed to pick up passengers who flag them down. Hackney carriages or Taxi's can pick up passengers on the street or from a taxi rank and need not be pre-booked.

How do I become a Taxi or Minicab ( private hire) Driver?

Generally speaking, you'll need to have held a full licence for at least three years, undergo a criminal record check and, in the case of owner-driving, own a modern saloon car. You'll also need to be physically fit and will usually undergo a medical examination. Drivers of minibuses having 9-16 passenger seats will normally need to hold a PCV licence.

Highest demand for mini cabs or taxis is at night and weekends, which means you'll need to be able to deal tactfully and safely with drunk and sometimes aggressive customers. On the plus side a taxi or minicab driving job fits well around a day job (even a full-time one) or childcare comittments.

Contact private hire companies in your area or check out the rules with your local authority.

Uber is recruiting private hire drivers in London and in many towns and cities across the UK

Rickshaw Service

If you're a keen cyclist, how about operating a rickshaw service? You'll need to be very fit, but it can be an enjoyable way to work in the open air and meet new people. There are a wide range of vehicles available, some with electric assist for those steep hills. You can also sell advertising on the vehicles for extra income. Rickshaws do well in tourist areas, you could even combine them with a guided tour if you have enough breath left!

car delivery man hitchingCar Collection and Delivery Driving Jobs -work as a car delivery driver

Who are those guys you see standing at roundabouts and motorway junctions with funny-looking car numberplates with red text? They are collecting and delivering cars for garages, fleet users, car hire companies and auctions.

Cars have to be moved around the country all the time, for example between dealers or from dealers to users and if a single vehicle has to be moved, the quickest and most economical way is to send a driver to collect it rather than a transporter. The red plates are trade plates and allow motor traders and related businesses to keep a vehicle temporarily in their possession without having to register it etc.

Payment is usually per mile although some companies will pay an hourly rate, particularly if you are doing other work such as valeting or preparing vehicles etc. It goes without saying that you'll need a full driving licence (preferably 'clean') and a good driving record.

You'll also need to be conscientious, reliable and well-presented as you'll be dealing with all types of clients on behalf of your employer. This kind of work is popular with the semi-retired and retired as they are also able to get to and from drops and pick-ups cheaply by using senior rail and bus passes! Older drivers who passed the UK driving test before 1997 will also have 'grandfather rights' on their driving licence which entitles them to drive a much wider range of vehicles.

Car collection and delivery has become more of a full-time occupation over the past few years but if you are looking for occasional work, try asking at smaller garages, independent hire companies etc. If you are easily contactable, reliable and able to help out at short notice, you might get regular work. Some of the larger companies are listed below and it's also worth looking on dealers and hire company's websites for more employment opportunities.

Ace Vehicle Deliveries

British Car Auctions

Enterprise Car Hire Jobs

Taxi Driving

See above under mini cab and taxi driving.

Business Tax Allowance

Remember to keep a careful record of any mileage incurred for business purposes, as you may be able to claim this and part of the cost of your car as a business expense. These expenses may be then deducted from your earnings, and so reduce the amount of income tax you may have to pay. Contact your Inland Revenue offices for further information on allowable business expenses for your driving work.

Insurance for using your vehicle for business

Don't forget that if you're using your vehicle for any kind of commercial use, you'll need the appropriate insurance to cover business use. Inform your insurance company if you intend to do any courier, delivering or collecting work, as it is not worth taking any risks that you could be uninsured if you were involved in an accident.

Likewise ensure that you have the appropriate driving licence for the vehicle you intend to drive.

delivery accident

It is also important to check you are fully insured for any loss of goods if your car or van is broken into, if you intend to do any delivery or collection work.

Contact your insurance company or talk to a reputable insurance broker before you start any driving work.

Remember - it's illegal to use your vehicle for hire or reward without the appropriate cover, and ordinary domestic policies do not provide this.

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