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Hand craft work from home - how to make money selling arts and crafts

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Make money at home by turning your favourite hobby or craft into a profitable part-time business

Create unique and personal gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings and loads of other celebrations and festivals..

Doing hand craft work from home can be enjoyable and financially rewarding - especially if you find a gap in the market. Wiith the advent of eBay and similar sites, it's easier than ever to show your home made crafts and sell them anywhere in the world.

If you can make crafts to sell that cannot be easily bought from a shop or can supply something personal or unique then you could be on the way to making money from your craft or hobby! Personalised gifts are becoming increasingly popular and if you can produce a quality item, you can soon build a profitable business.

If you're already experienced in a particular craft or hobby, you'll find it much easier to turn it into a part-time business, although if you have always wanted to make hats, carve stone or make tie-dyed T shirts, don't let us stop you! There are loads of courses and evening classes to learn all kinds of crafts and you can get advice from your tutor and fellow students.

As always when you are starting a business, researching the market thoroughly will alert you to any problems and pitfalls and will help you to start making money sooner.

Your income will depend on a number of factors, such as the quality of your work, the demand for it and whether you work full-time or in your spare time around other commitments.

Get paid for crafts that you're already doing at home for enjoyment and fun !

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Ideas for profitable hand craft ideas to make money from home

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Appliqué and Embroidery

Art and Craft Supplies

Batik and Tie Dyeing


If you have an eye for design and are good with fabrics, you can make money at home



Card Making

Caricatures, Cartoons, Drawing and Painting

Ceramics and Pottery

Cosmetic and Scent Making for Sale

Making natural cosmetics to sell can be a good extra income

Crocheting, Macramé and Knitting

Make Dolls' Houses, Furniture and Wooden Toys to sell

Furniture Making and Restoring

Florist and flower arranger

Crafts to make 2

Garden Ornaments

Glass painting

making hats

Great home design can make you extra money

Hat and Handbag Making

Work as an Interior Designer part-time

Make Jewellery for profit


Crafts to make 3


Picture Framing and Mount Cutting


Rug Making

Soft Furnishings

wood carving

Create items out of wood for sale at craft fairs and markets

Woodwork and Wood Turning

Where to sell your stuff

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