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More Easy Work from home ideas to make money

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Here are some more ideas which you can start on a part-time basis or fit around a full-time job to earn extra cash.

If you go the extra mile and are friendly, helpful, reliable and affordable, you'll soon find yourself being recommended to new customers and getting that all-important repeat business.

Handyman and maintenance / painting and decorating

If you're the practical type who enjoys DIY and can turn your hand to most things, you might like to consider offering a handyman and maintenance service.

man with decorating equipment

People need help with all kinds of small jobs from clearing out gutters to putting up shelves, or even assembling flat-pack furniture.

If your skill levels are up to it, you could also offer more extensive services such as kitchen installation or bespoke cupboards and bookshelves, etc.

Don't be tempted to take on jobs that are outside your capabilities and skill level.

Remember that certain types of paid work, for example gas appliance repairs and installation and electrical work can only be carried out by persons holding the correct registration, qualifications or licence.

Always check if you're not sure.

It's also important that you arrange adequate insurance cover for both property damage and personal injury.

It will help you get customers if you can show that you are a responsible worker with full cover. A good insurance broker will be able to advise you on the type of cover and costs.

House Sitting

Many people get nervous about leaving their house empty when they are away and worry about burglars, squatters or leaving their dog in kennels.

Offer your services as a house and/or pet sitter to check on security and water plants, feed and exercise pets, collect mail, mow lawns etc. You could live-in or visit every day as required.

Make sure you have all the details you need on which plants to water, what to feed the cat and all the appropriate contact details for the owners, plumbers and emergency vets etc.

If you are used to looking after animals such as goats or horses, the opportunities are greater.

empty houses

For obvious reasons you'd need personal recommendation for this job and/or great references. So start by asking friends and relatives or contact a house-sitting agency.

This is a job which might suit the retired or semi-retired person better as older people are often perceived as more reliable. You can find work by searching for house-sitting agencies or check out classified ads for your area. Live-in house-sitting doesn't pay much but it can be a great way to get a free holiday in another part of the country.

Network Sales and Party Planning

Direct selling and party planning have had a bad press in the past, but if you do a little research you will discover you can still make money at it. If you are the gregarious and outgoing type then organising and holding a party can be great fun, as well as a source of income. It will soak up a lot of time, usually in the evenings, but for that reason it can work well if you have a full-time job, or childcare commitments in the day.

The commission levels and start-up costs vary, but these days the range of products sold directly to the end-user stretches far beyond cleaning products and storage containers. See also Catalogue Delivery

Find network sales and party plan companies


If you are a practical type, plumbing is pretty straightforward. With modern materials, making a watertight joint is a lot more straightforward than it used to be. Lots of people want showers and sinks fitted, leaks fixed and washing machines or dishwashers plumbed in.

Stay away from gas appliances and electrical work though, unless you have the appropriate skills and registration. If you want to improve your skills, there are many courses available at local colleges.


If you are mechanically and electrically savvy, you're already way ahead of the majority of people! Even in todays 'throwaway' culture there is still a demand for repairs, on everything from bicycles to lawnmowers and many domestic appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines. As an adjunct to this, you can buy and sell all kinds of things that need some restoration. Places to look are Ebay, local auctions, second-hand shops, police sales etc.

Stay away from gas and electrical appliances and electrical repairs, unless you have the appropriate skills and registration.


If you are skilled at writing there is a demand for articles and text both on and off-line, particularly if you have specialist or technical knowledge. You just have to take a look around any large newsagent to see the sheer volume that's published on a daily basis. For specific advice on copywriting try freelance uk


Magazines - if you have a subject that you're especially knowledgeable in, take a look at the magazines and periodicals that are published on your subject. If they accept unsolicited work, then try writing an article. Don't forget that general magazines might take an article on a specialised subject that's written with the average reader in mind. Some specialist magazines such as transport or craft titles are also in the market for illustrated features which can increase your income.

Scripts - if you think you could be the next Russell T. Davies, the BBC reads every script that's sent to it but you MUST ensure that you read the submission guidelines, or you have no chance of being accepted. They will read scripts for films, TV and radio dramas, series and sitcoms.

BBC Scriptroom - lots of useful information on writing and sending a script to the BBC.

Books - getting a first novel published is notoriously difficult, with probably one in a thousand manuscripts making it to the bookshelves. However, if you have original ideas and the skill to put them into words, the rewards can be outstanding. There are many publishers of genres such as historical and particularly romance who are always on the look out for talented new writers. Mills and Boon are probably the best known and have a great information section online, which gives everything that the budding romance author needs to know.

How to submit to Mills and Boon

Tips on writing from best-selling author Sophie Kinsella

An important book for any budding writer is the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook which contains a wealth of information on how to get your work published. There are also lists of magazines and periodicals, whether they accept usolicited material, the type and length of the articles they are looking for and the rates they pay.

Insurance - we strongly advise that you take out the appproriate insurance to cover your activities. A good independent broker will be able to advise you on what you need.


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