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How to start a home ironing business

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Many people think ironing is too much of a job and are happy to pay to get their ironing done by someone else - so once you've started a home ironing business you need never be short of customers!

work at home ironing serviceIf you can watch tv or listen to music and iron while you do it, then you could start a professional home ironing service without losing too much of your spare time! Find out below how to start your own ironing business at home.

Your biz can charge by either the black bag full, hourly or per garment with extra for collection and delivery - make sure that you have a full ironing price list and specify any extra charges such as for collection and delivery, hangers bags folding, starching etc

If you are getting a lot of jobs for your home ironing business, consider investing in semi-professional equipment to speed your work rate up.

Irons with seperate steam generators have become much more popular and affordable over the past few years and really speed up the work rate when you're offering a professional ironing service from home.

Pick the most powerful (highest wattage/steam generation) one you can afford and you won't be slowed up waiting for more steam.

The larger water capacity of a separate steam generator also means that you won't have to keep stopping to refill the iron - what is a minor inconvenience when you're doing a few 'T' shirts for yourself can be a real pain when you are running your own ironing service and you've got six bin bags full of shirts to iron by tonight!

You could also look at delivering and collecting clothes as part of the service and you could offer repairs, alterations and tailoring (see below). Maybe you could offer other extras such as dry cleaning etc. You should be a non-smoking home.

Accessories such as wire hangers and garment cover polythene bags to protect the newly-ironed items are a must if you want your home-ironing business to look professional. These are easily and cheaply available from on-line wholesalers and via eBay. If you find your home ironing business is going well, you could consider a professional steam ironing press. These can range in cost from a couple of hundred pounds for a starter model up to thousands for a professional steam iron set-up but can be a good investment if you can attract a large enough client base.

As always - if you do a professional and timely job at a reasonable price, you'll start to pick up more customers for your ironing business by personal recommendation.

Find out how to get customers for your home ironing business.

Home ironing business flyer

Use business cards, posters and flyers to promote your home Ironing Business.

Make Money Dressmaking

Clothes Design, Alterations, Sewing and Needlework, Doll's Clothing, Pet's Clothing, Baby Clothes, T Shirt Printing

woman dressmaker tailoring a blouseIf you own a sewing machine and are handy with a needle and thread then dress-making, tailoring or making alterations can be a good skill to earn you extra cash.

While clothes designers might suffer in a recession, there is still a demand for dressmaking and tailoring as people economise rather than pay out for a new dress, or they desire an original item without the designer price tag. There is great creative satisfaction when you make your own clothes from scratch.

If you have an eye for what looks good and the skills to match, you'll soon find that the word will spread and the customers will come looking for you. Recommendation is the key to success with dressmaking - if your skills are admired by others then you'll be in demand. It can range from making complete clothing items, such as party or wedding dresses, to replacing a zip, taking up hems or making adjustments to waistbands,etc.

You could specialise with your dressmaking, such as making fancy dress outfits, baby clothes, doll's or pet's clothes, wedding dresses, evening gowns or whatever the demand is.

There are lots of great resources available to dressmakers now - cutting edge fashion patterns (Vogue produce fantastic easy-to-follow patterns for the home sewer, as do Simplicity, McCalls and Burda), and help is available on the internet with 'how to' videos and instructions. Sites like Sew mama sew offer tutorials and patterns, and you can get inspiration or help with problems from many sites.

There are plenty of evening classes available to extend your dress-making skills, so with practice you will be able to offer more services and become indispensible to your customers - a good seamstress is hard to find. Contact local businesses, like cleaners, clothes shops and laundrettes and local papers to advertise your skills or look for an outsourced job as a dressmaker.

Finally, printing on T shirts and other items of clothing can be a good earner with demand from individuals, clubs, sports teams and Stag and Hen parties. If you don't know how to screen print, there are many courses available from local authorites and at arts and adult education centres.


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