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Beauty Therapy and Personal care Work at Home

Beauty therapists


If you are interested in beauty and enjoy dealing with people, then you could consider beauty therapy as a way of earning some extra cash.

The occupations listed below are ideal for carrying out during the evenings and weekends, as this is the time when many of your potential customers are at home.

Some people are happy running a beauty-related business as a part-time job, but others go on to develop the business into a successful career.

Working from home allows you to undercut the more expensive beauty salons and spas, and if you have enough room it can be useful to set aside a room in your home as a studio.

Don't forget to check your mortgage allows you to do this, and make sure you have any necessary permissions and insurance.

Beauty Training

If you have or can acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and (where appropriate) qualifications, then you could run classes, tutorials or therapy sessions at a minimal start-up cost. Gaining qualifications will also enhance your skills and make your services more saleable.

Customers are likely to be more confident choosing you for an alternative therapy treatment if they can see you are well trained.

A qualified practitioner who is a member of a regulatory body is work as a henna tattooistmore likely to be in demand. When you advertise online, on business cards, leaflets or in newspapers or magazines,etc then your qualifications from accredited courses will give you more appeal.

As well as carrying out beauty, hair or nail work, you could also work with other disciplines to offer a more holistic approach.

There are a wealth of wonderful treatments available , such as Indian head massage, hot stone massage, Thai foot massage, aromatherapy facials and massages, etc.

You could organise 'girls' nights in' party-plan evenings for example, combining manicures with massages, or other therapies and sales of related beauty products.

Occasions like Valentines day, Mother's day, Hens' nights and weddings are worth marketing.

Don't forget that you may be able to get a career development loan

All of the following ideas can help you to make money in the beauty business part-time working from home.

Beautician giving treatmentBeautician

Beauty therapy covers a wide range of treatments: manicures, body massage, facials, pedicures, waxing, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, spray tanning, nail treatments, skincare treatments, make-up demonstrations, etc and can also incorporate aromatherapy facials and massage, Indian head massage and reflexology.

You can easily undercut the prices of spas and hotels by treating customers in your own home, or by providing your service at client's homes, or by renting a room.

Don't forget that you can organise cosmetics parties and provide mini facials, massages, make-overs and make-up demonstrations.

It is worthwhile training for the recognised NVQ qualifications in beauty and spa therapy. These are available from many colleges and some offer home study courses.

beauty guild - info about beauty training courses and jobs


hairdresser cutting mans hairWork as a part-time Hairdresser

Hairdressers are always in demand and it's the ideal job to carry out on a part-time basis in clients' homes. You need to be properly trained to do it professionally, or risk the wrath of unhappy clients. There are lots of hairdressing courses, and a recognised qualification for a hairdresser is an NVQ Certificate/Diploma in Hairdressing/Barbering.

There are different levels of NVQ qualification:

Level 1 NVQ Hairdressing is required if you want to become a hairdressing assistant

Level 2 NVQ Hairdressing is required to become a junior stylist

Level 3 NVQ Hairdressing is suitable for hairdressers with experience who wish to become a senior stylist

Many newly qualified hairdressers find that working as a junior in a salon gives them lots of useful experience. Hairdressing training is available usually at local colleges.

city and guilds - info about levels 1-3 NVQs

Nail technician

Like hairdressing and beauty care, this is an easy one to carry out on a part-time basis in clients' homes. The boom in the popularity of artificial nail extensions, manicures and pedicures has led to a much wider range of courses becoming available. You can take basic and advanced courses in manicure and pedicure of natural nails, fitting and sculpting acrylic and fibreglass nails, and airbrusing and painting.

You can work from home, run a mobile business or contact local hairdressers for work. Nail care can also sell as part of a party-plan, by holding manicure parties and selling cosmetics as well as manicures, pedicures, nails and nail-care products. You may need a licence from your local environmental health department and qualifications required vary – some insist that you have an NVQ qualification.

more on working as a nail technician

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