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Complementary therapy

Complementary therapy and personal care working at home

Complementary and alternative therapies are thought to help restore the body’s natural balance with a holistic approach. This means considering the client's lifestyle, diet and emotions, rather than just treating the symptoms of their illness.

Therapies can be used for many occasions, such as: alleviating pain, as a preventative health measure, or purely for relaxation. Stress and tension is well recognised as being a trigger for many ailments, and the wide range of complementary therapies addresses this.

If you're interested in alternative therapies and relate well to others, then you could consider a therapeutic, healing or personal care method of earning some extra cash.

Most of the occupations listed below are ideal for carrying out on evenings and weekends, as this is the time when most of your potential customers are at home.

Many of these ideas also lend themselves to making money in the workplace. Even with the recession making many people cut their spending, tired office, shop workers and executives could spare the cost of a couple of lunches for a relaxing lunch-time head, shoulders or foot massage. Working from home, or in the work place, allows you to undercut the more expensive beauty salons and spas.

Therapy ideas

All of these ideas can help you to make money on a part-time, or Work from Home basis. If you have or can acquire the necessary, knowledge, skills and (where appropriate) qualifications, then you can run classes, tutorials or therapy sessions at minimal start-up cost. Gaining qualifications will enhance your skills and also make your services more saleable - customers are likely to be more confident choosing you for an alternative therapy treatment if they can see you are well trained. A qualified practitioner who is a member of a regulatory body is more likely to be in demand.

The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies

Try a search to find the appropriate teaching body or organisation which can help you to find the information you need to carry out, teach or gain qualifications in the area that interests you. Courses are available for most subjects - from brief introductions through to professional level courses which can take months or years to complete.

Don't forget that you may be able to get a career development loan

If you're looking for space to run a class ask at your local church or village hall, leisure centre or school if they can rent you a room. For more personal and one-to-one sessions you can visit the client's home, or set up a room in your house if you have the space.


This popular therapy is treating illnesses and other health problems with counter-irritants which mimic the symptoms of the original problem - like with like. These preparations are used in high dilution, and whether they actually work or just have a placebo effect, many people believe in their efficacy. You can take part-time or full-time courses as part of a validated degree programme. Most homeopaths are self-employed with their own private practices, and others work in homeopathy centres.

The Society of Homeopaths

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Hypnotherapy is used to treat a wide range of medical and psychological problems like addictions, such as smoking and alcohol addiction, sleeplessness, stress through to phobias and obesity. This practice has become more mainstream in recent years as people are preferring to rely less on drugs for long term problems. The hypnotherapist can help help people access deeper levels of awareness that can enable them to stop damaging habits, such as smoking,etc.

Receiving training on an approved and recognised course will bring you professional skills and provide you with contacts and work opportunities. Once qualified you can work from your own home, or rent a room to practice in, during hours that suit you and your clients. Recommendation from happy clients can be the best way to gain more customers in this field.

The Hypnotherapy Association

Indian head massageIndian head massage

Indian head massage can help with stress and tension and many problems of the head, including sinus and migraines. As a part of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic Healing System, it's also considered to bring wider health benefits to the whole body.

As the subject of the massage does not need to undress, lie down or do anything other than sit in a chair, Indian head massage is popular in offices and can be a good seller as a lunchtime 'stress buster' - relieving eye strain, neck and shoulder tension, promoting hair growth,

Getting qualified is advised before you offer your services - VTCT, the government approved awarding body for the hairdressing and beauty sector, offers Indian Head Massage courses at many colleges.

Life Coaching

This practice helps people identify goals they want to achieve in life and helps themo fulfil their potential. You need to be able to empower individuals, be motivational, organised, encouraging and patient to be successful as a life coach. Life coaching is not currently regulated in the UK, but there are various professional bodies with code of ethics that uphold standards for coaching.
Coach Federation

woman having massageMassage

Massage can improve your health by acting directly on the body and also by promoting a feeling of well-being and reducing stress. Courses are available ranging from a one day introduction through to long term in-depth courses. If you want to work in the health service you will need professional training involving a code of ethics and which allows you to take out professional indemnity insurance.

Some local authorities require massage practitioners to take out a license, so check your area. Massage therapy can be practised from your own home, during hours that suit you and your customers.

massage training

 reflexology on footReflexology

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy involving the practice of massaging or applying pressure to areas of the hands and feet, to promote well-being or address problems throughout the body. Reflexologists work holistically - treating the lifestyle and whole person, rather than just concentrating on the specific complaint. This ancient therapy is based on the premise of reflex areas on the feet and hands being linked to other areas and organs of the body.

Association of Reflexologists


Reiki is a Japanese technique and form of spiritual healing for reducing stress, by placing hands on the body to channel healing energy or 'ki' to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being. There is no accreditation, regulation or a central body for Reiki. The Reiki Federation seeks to standardise Reiki and maintain and evaluate professional standards of training.


Relaxation classes can take place on a group or one to one basis. They can combine elements of meditation, yoga and other disciplines and can have a therapeutic effect buy reducing blood pressure and overall stress levels.

yoga teachingShaitsu

Another massage related therapy closely related to acupressure. The practicioner uses his or her fingers, palms and thumbs to correct body imbalances and improve overall health, as well as specific problems. Courses range from one day workshops to 3-year Practitioner Diplomas.
The Shiatsu Society

Thai foot massage

This complementary therapy uses massage with Thai foot sticks to stimulate reflex points on the feet and legs. A treatment will generally incorporate a leg and foot massage as well. Thai foot massage can improve circulation in the feet and legs, and help de-stress as the body's energy paths are unblocked. Courses are usually available at local colleges and it is better to study where you receive a certificate or diploma, recognised by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Work as a Yoga teacher

If you have been practising yoga for several years and are confident with your practice and would like to take your learning and understanding further, then training as a yoga teacher is worthwhile. As with all the complimentary therapies it is a good idea to train on an accredited course. In the UK there are plenty of different choices, including the British Wheel of Yoga, the Yoga Academy. In the US the Yoga Alliance provides recommended standards and registers yoga teacher training programs.

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couple in yoga poseLegal Aspects

Legislation varies from area to area and country to country. In your jurisdiction, you may need to be licenced, registered or hold a specific qualification to carry out many of the above activities. You may also need public liability insurance.

Always check to see the legal requirements in your locality, you can do this by contacting your local authority, Chamber of Commerce, business bureau or the relevant professional body or association.

If you need to brush up on your skills or learn some new ones don't forget that there are often affordable or free classes in many types of therapy, as well as lots of online support and advice.

Complementary and alternative therapies should never be suggested as a replacement to medical treatment.


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