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How to Run a Dating Agency from Home

online dating mismatch couple How do you get started?

Starting and running an online dating agency is easy these days and it can be a reasonably good money-maker if you set about it the right way.

You can find templates and customizable (white label) sites for dating websites online, which you can then join and customise to appeal to your potential customers.

These sites work using various commercial models so check out a few to see which one will suit you.

You'll also need to compare the features they offer such as chat, instant messaging, search by postcode or geographical area etc etc.

Online dating has become increasingly popular over the past few years and 'computer dating' has lost the stigma it once had as more and more people find their partners or just their next date using web-based services.

Although there are many online dating services competing for users, there is still a demand for sites to cater for minority and specialised areas of interest.

These can cover a huge spectrum of potential dates ranging from members of particular ethnic and religious groups through hobbyists of all kinds to members of particular professions and occupations.

If you have an idea for a dating website which hasn't been done before you could be in with a chance of cornering a niche in a multi-million pound and growing marketplace.



How to start a Dating Agency

It's simpler than ever to start a dating agency but with all the major players already online, you need to add that certain something. Can you introduce people within a geographical area or with particular interests and hobbies?

woman online datingPeople run dating agencies for all sorts of people and all sorts of interest groups from wiccans and pagans to professionals, the overweight and people with specific medical conditions.

There are packages of varying complexity available from fairly basic websites through to fully integrated systems which incorporate features such as chatrooms and automatic billing.

The hardest part of starting a dating agency was always getting started as there has to be a minimum 'pool' of clients before you can introduce them to each other, but it's now possible to sign up with online providers and receive access to hundreds of possible dates for your clients. Don't forget to check what your obligations are regarding confidentiality and data protection.

Dating agencies have had some bad press from the point of view of both members and potential affiliates/resellers, so it's important that you do the research before you start and, in particular try to check out as many reviews as possible.

In particular look out for sites which don't delete old or expired profiles as this is a sure way of annoying your members.


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