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How to Make Money Fast

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Make money fast - return it or sell it.

Help! I need money fast - it's ages to payday and things are looking distinctly gloomy. Bills are dropping on the mat and I need to make extra money quickly. If only there was some way of raising cash fast...

Return it

Don't like that jumper? - take it back for a refund!

Even if you can't get the cash back and have to settle for an exchange or credit at least you'll end up with something you'll actually wear.

Flog it

Need we say more - the list of marketplaces is endless.

Now get up in the attic, sort out your cupboards and wardrobes, tidy the garage and you'll soon end up with a de-cluttered home and pile of stuff you never use and which can make you some fast cash.

Take some pics and post them up today on eBay or Craigslist. Don't forget you can also sell or pawn everything from gold and jewellry to cameras, computers and mobiles for quick cash - cashconverters is one of the largest UK outfits.

Chuck it

Ditch your mobile. Is it worth paying 40 quid a month just so you can facebook or tweet on the bus? Go retro and just use your phone for calls!

Now get that old Nokia out of the kitchen drawer, fit a pay as you go SIM card and read a free library book or a free kindle classic from Gutenberg or a cheap charity shop book instead of worrying about how many likes you've got since the last time you checked it...

Work at it

Can you get extra hours at your normal place of work or can you find extra part time work in your area? Be proactive - call on potential employers. If you offer cleaning, ironing, gardening, decorating, dog walking, pet-sitting or similar services, get out there and start advertising - cards in the local post office or newsagent cost pennies and can return real results.

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Borrow it

No - really don't.

You're probably reading this because you're desperate for some quick cash.

Rather than borrow to sort out the problem on a short-term basis take a step back and look at what lifestyle changes you can make to free up some money. In particular, stay away from payday loans, they are a very expensive way of borrowing.

Once you have sorted yourself out, think of joining a credit union - you pay in a small amount weekly or monthly and after a qualifying membership period, it allows you to take out a loan.

Find a credit union.

Turn it down

Turning your central heating controller down by just one degree centigrade will save energy and cash, generally 10% on your bills.

Great low-tech ways to keep your house warm and save money on your heating bills from the BBC. ( external link - opens in new window)

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