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More Ideas for jobs to earn money online from home with your computer

Despite the recession, there are still many thousands of small businesses out there that need help with everything from book-keeping to telephone answering. Just be pro-active when you're looking for work.

Call and write to potential customers, show samples of your work, work cheap, work on spec. Go the extra mile when you are starting to build up a client base and you'll find that each new customer gets a little bit easier to acquire!

Accountancy, Book-keeping and Administration

Well, book-keeping really - if you're a qualified accountant, the world (or at least that part of it that wants help with its tax ) will beat a path to your door. If you're not an accountant but have a head for figures and are well-organised, you could consider offering your services as a book-keeper or administrator. Most small business owners would much rather focus on earning more money than on doing admin, so if you are organised, reliable and meticulous, doing paperwork can be a good way of making money at home.

There are millions of small businesses and sole traders who need a hand with the 'books' and are happy to pay you to do paperwork of all kinds while they get on with running their business.

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This can range from keeping basic accounts through to dealing with VAT returns, payroll, invoicing and credit control. You'll find that most of the work can be done from home although you'll usually have to visit your customers physically from time to time to collect and deliver paperwork. Bear in mind that if you are dealing with payrolls and employee records etc, you may need to register with the information commissioner.

Book-keeping can be ideal if you need to work around school hours and holidays as it's something that you can generally arrange to suit yourself and your employer. Courses are available on-line and also many local authorities run evening classes on the subject at a reasonable cost.

There are also a number of software packages such as Sage which can speed the job up greatly and which come with full instructions and optional training packages. For word-processing, spreadsheets and databases, you can get free software at, this does pretty much the same job as some of the more expensive branded software such as Excel and is fully compatible so for example you can open a clients excel spreadsheet in openoffice Calc and work on it then save it back into an Excel format to return to the client.

Some businesses might want someone to look after client relationships and marketing - you could pitch this to businesses that don't currently market. Could you produce and distribute online and offline newsletters, promotions, leaflets, coupons and advertising for SME's?

Administration is another service that's often required by small businesses - taking phone calls, dealing with customer queries and mail and filing can all be done on an hourly or part-time basis but you'll usually be employed at the customers premises unless you are working as a virtual assistant. Find work by contacting businesses directly or contact your local chamber of commerce.

Adult Chat line operator

Check out our dedicated page and find out the pros and cons of working as a chat line operator from home.

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There are millions of web sites out there that need content. If you can string a sentence together and write interesting and literate prose, you can earn a living writing text for sites. If you have in-depth knowledge on a subject, then so much the better. Contact web sites directly or create your own website and advertise on it. Find out more at . See also writing articles.

CV (resumé) Writing

More in-demand than ever with the current gloom and despondency in the jobs market, many people need help with preparing a Curriculum Vitae or Resumé. Even applicants for high-level jobs can have problems with preparing a CV and covering letter, especially if they've been out of the job market for a while. You'll need to set up a web site and post some examples of your work.
Services you could consider offering are: writing CV's from scratch based on a questionaire, writing CV's from scratch based on either personal or telephone interviews or 'tidying up' existing CV's which clients email you or submit via your website. Check out the competition for pricing and other ways of adding value.


Dating Agency


You can either write your own, you can purchase packages of e-books which you can re-sell or you can sell someone else's ebooks as an affiliate. Subjects which sell well are health and diet, starting a business, and making money at home. Self-help and motivational books are another big seller. Ebooks sell best as an extension of a website on related subjects. For example if you are running a site on keeping fit, then books on subjects such as relaxation, stress busting, healthy eating etc could sell well.

Host the book on your own site to make the most money - it's not too difficult to integrate your payment and download options using a service like paypal. If you don't want to do this then there are sites like clickbank who will host your ebook and handle downloads and payment for a small fee.

Recession-proof income

Many of the ideas on the above list are recession-proof.

CV writers find themselves busy when there is a lot of redundancy and high levels of unemployment. The credit crunch can also mean that opportunities for home workers and freelancers increase as businesses seek to reduce fixed overheads and farm out jobs to casual or part-time workers.

More Ideas for making money with your computer

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