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Make crafts to sell and earn money

minding the stall at a craft fair

A good display will help you to sell your home made crafts in a fair, craft market or exhibition

More crafts that are more or less easy to make and sell to make some extra money. If you have a hobby that you already enjoy, it needn't be too difficult to build it into a profitable small business. Some people are happy just to sell crafts that they have made themselves for a little extra money but many craftspeople have moved on to run a successful business buying, importing and selling craft-related items and artworks.

girl with dolls houseMake Dolls' Houses, Furniture and Wooden Toys to sell

Dolls' houses appeal to parents and grandparents who are looking for an out of the ordinary present for a little girl, as well as adult collectors. Dolls' houses vary from the simple two-up, two-down house to electrically lit minature palaces that need a whole room to themselves.

Houses can be assembled from kits, or from scratch for the more skilled amateur carpenter and hobbyist. Likewise there is a large market for dolls' house furniture and accessories, ranging from tables and chairs to miniature plates, pots and pans. Try selling at local markets and toy fairs.

If you are good at woodwork, you could also consider making wooden toys. If you can make to a high standard, wooden toys can command premium prices at the top end of the market.


Furniture Making and Restoring for profit

If you have the right blend of skills, this can be a profitable business - you'll need a workshop/storage area and a large estate car or van. Although people are much more informed these days and there's virtually zero chance of picking up a Chippendale chair from your local junk shop or jumble sale, there are still good quality bargains to be found. Try second-hand shops or advertise locally using classifieds and leaflets.

You can also look at making bespoke furniture if your cabinet-making skills are up to it. Bookcases or shelves to fit a specific alcove are popular items, as are cupboards and storage chests, and toy storage boxes for kids' bedrooms.

working as a floristWorking as a Florist part-time

Not all florists work full-time from a shop. If you have the necessary artistic flair and skills, you can make and supply table arrangements, bridal bouquets and wreaths, decorate weddings and other celebrations and offer a service to local businesses supplying flower arrangements for their premises. Advertise locally using classifieds, leaflets and word-of-mouth.

You could also sell cut flowers and plants from car boot sales, farmer's markets and local markets. Many cities will have a wholesale source like New Covent Garden in London, UK or Dadar Flower Market in Mumbai, India where you can bulk-buy flowers or you can search online.

flowers for florists

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Garden Ornaments

If you can mix concrete, you can make garden ornaments. Make statues, gnomes, urns, pots, bird baths, sculptures and other ornaments using plastic moulds and concrete. You should be able to make them a lot cheaper than garden centres sell them for, so your prices should be competitive.You can buy moulds for statues and garden ornaments, planters etc. from specialist supppliers online and the raw materials from any builders merchants or DIY store. Simply assemble the mould and pour in the concrete - a day or two later, you've got a sellable garden ornament. If you're the artistic type you can even create your own moulds from a sculpture or carving and sell copies.

garden ornament moulds

glass window hanging

Glass painting

An easy-to-do craft for beginners, painting on glass produces nice-looking results with minimal skill. Paint on all types of glass objects to create saleable items such as window hangings, keepsake boxes, vases, candleholders, portraits, gift cards, mirrors and lampshades.

You can get creative with your own designs or buy templates. You might even want to try your hand at stained glass windows once you've had a little practice. Glass painting is often taught at evening classes and there are lots of tutorials, free designs, projects and art supplies available for this hobby online. Craft fairs and markets are a good place to start selling your creations.

free glass painting designs and tutorials

making hatsMake and sell hats and handbags

Great designs can make you extra money

If accessories are your thing, why not try and make hats or handbags. Buy a kit and build a unique hat or handbag yourself. Buy a plain hat and trim it with feathers, edging, flowers, embroidery, beads and you have a fabulous item to sell. Buy a handbag and dress it with the same accessories - make it different from the average bag on sale.

Markets and haberdashery sections in department stores hold a treasure trove of goodies at reasonable prices. Look in charity shops for suitable second-hand or vintage items for refurbishment. Vintage buttons are worth looking out for as they can really make a jacket look expensive. You can also freelance design once you have a little experience.

hat making supplies

Work as an Interior Designer part-time

If you can't get enough of home makeover shows on TV and you've got an eye for a good interior you might consider interior design as a part-time possibility. Putting together a look, selling it to the client and project managing the execution requires good organisational skills.

The hardest part is getting started, but if you do some cut-price or free work for relatives and friends and ask them to recommend you, you'll soon find possible clients. Look to establish working relationships with furnishers and the tradesmen you'll need to realise your plans. There are lots of tv programmes, magazines and websites that can give you creative home decorating ideas.

interior design ideas from UKtv


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