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Earn money party planning network sales

Party plan or nework selling and hosting is a popular and effective way to earn extra money. There are many companies now who provide help and support with this form of sales.

There is a far greater variety of exciting products to sell direct to your friends these days - not just plastic food containers! Traditionally popular as a way for stay-at-home mums to make money, party plan selling is open to both men and women although the vast majority of party plan selling is still run by women and and aimed at women.

You can arrange a party around the latest fragrances, beauty products, sexy underwear and adult toys, TV chef's products, cards, stationery, kitchenware, clothing, jewellery, buying gold, children's books, toys, etc.

Network sales or party plan selling can be a great way to earn the home-based income you want with the flexible hours you need, especially if you have young children. You can work your Party plan sales business from home part-time or full-time, and earn extra money while making new friends. You need to enjoy meeting people and be socially confident, as you will need to demonstrate your product to others, and be prepared to answer any questions or enquiries. Networking will make you more successful, as with any sales related business. You also need to be well-organised with your invitations, orders and deliveries.

Running a Party plan business can be fun, financially rewarding, flexible, it can fit around childcare or other work commitments and on top of that gives you a great social life!

How much can you earn selling at home as a party-plan agent?

Earnings will vary depending on the kind of product you are selling and how much effort you are willing to put in. Some party plan agents get so involved with the product that they move up the ladder into management or distribution - earnings for this can be high ( but so can the workload!) equalling or exceeding what you could expect to make in a 'normal' 9-5 job. Most party plan agents are content to run party-plan parties at reasonable intervals earning anything from fifty up to a few hundred a month.

Party plan sales success

party plan women enjoying a get-togetherTo make money with direct selling, ideally you need to know a lot of people who can come to your party. You can act as the host of the party, or find friends that want to hold a party in their home where you act as the demonstrator. The host, if not you, generally gets a free gift or payment from the demonstrator.

The important thing to remember with party-plans is that nobody likes to be subject to a hard sell experience, it's more the skill of your demonstration that sells your products.

The softer approach tends to work much better with the party plan type of direct selling, where you discover what your customer likes and suits them and suggest options.

Try and distribute your catalogues and business cards as widely as possible. Leave copies at dentist and doctors' surgeries, beauty and hairdressing salons, local shops - wherever you can get permission.

Make sure they all contain your details and an order form. If you are selling a product, such as jewellery, try to wear it as often as you can - you are your best advertising campaign!

Which party plan product is best to sell?

You need to believe in, and personally like (preferably love!) the product you are offering, as it will be obvious to your audience when you give your demo. So make sure you choose the right product to sell, that way you will be naturally enthusiastic about it, and not just because it brings the best commmision rate. Try and choose a company with a wide range of products, as this generally results in increased sales - customers like plenty of choice. The refund/ money back guarantee policy is also important for customer confidence and will help your sales of the product.

Make sure you do thoroughly understand all the details of the comission rates, payment system and any items you will be expected to fund, such as, sample or starter packs. You may have to make an initial outlay for your sample case, or it may be deducted from your first commission payment. Check, for instance, whether the catalogues, leaflets and hostess gifts are provided for you or are you expected to deduct them from your comission payments? It is important you find out all the financial details before you sign up to a company Party Plan - remember you are doing this to make money for you, not just for the firm supplying the goods (unless they are a charity, of course).

Once you decide to sign up with a company as a Party Plan agent you are generally given an initial training course, and will then be expected to keep up with any subsequent product development or new products. Most party plan companies offer a commission on the sales you make, i.e. 20 per cent. This is sometimes increased at specified levels of sales, and some companies reward their agents with additional gifts for achieving set targets.

More about the pros and cons of party planning in the Daily Telegraph (opens in new window)

Party Plan Business :

games dog with hatThe Direct Selling Association - provide a list of its UK members who all subscribe to a code of practice

Ann Summers
- Adult toys and clothing

Avon - bestselling make-up and skin care beauty range

Body Shop - Body Shop at Home - personal pampering treats and great products

Chocoholics - tasting samples and luxury chocolate treats - seasonal Easter and Christmas parties

PartyLite - candles, accessories and fragranced products

Phoenix Trading - greetings cards, gift wrap and stationery

Tish Tash Toys - toys and gifts for babies and young children

Tupperware - Storage and kitchenware

Usborne Books - Children's books and games

Don't be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. Personal financial investment may be required.


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