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Find a pet-sitting job in the UK

Jobs for animal lovers - dog walking, dog training and pet sitting, grooming, pet accessories, food and other great ideas

If you're an animal lover and enjoy keeping fit, then dog walking could be a good way to combine the two. Try placing your cards at local vets, kennels and pet shops. You could also consider offering to look after pets for a longer period, such as holidays. Pet sitting is less stressful on the animals and cheaper than kennels.

If you have the skills and a good way with animals, then you could offer dog grooming services either as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with dog walking or pet sitting. If you can offer to collect and deliver the dog, this can add more value to your services as busy customers appreciate the convenience. If you are good at training your own dogs, you could consider helping other people to train their dogs. You need to be good with people as well as animals.

You can rent a local hall for a reasonable amount and get a local dog or puppy training class going. As well as group dog training you could offer individual training sessions, and help owners deal with specific dog behaviour problems.

dog grooming businessPet sitting and house sitting

You could offer to combine pet sitting with looking after a house. Remember, it's not just cats and dogs, people have all kinds of pets from fish to parrots which need to be cared for during the holidays. So if you have experience with a particular animal or breed you could be in demand.

You can either look after the pets in their own home or board them at yours, if you have the facilities. Bear in mind that if you are boarding animals on a regular basis, you will need to talk to your local authority about licensing and planning permission. You could supply pet food and accessories.

When you are looking after someone else's pet's it's essential that you reach a clear understanding with the client as to how far the service extends. You will need to establish what happens if you need emergency veterinary treatment, whether the animal is insured for public liability if it decides to bite someone (although you should carry public liability insurance yourself). Can the animal be let off the lead? What if it runs off?

dog and cat together - pet sitting - the clients

Working at pet-sitting and dog walking are great if you love animals


Many walkers and pet-sitters use an agreement form which covers all this and more, which the client should sign before you start. You can find template forms on the web or talk to a solicitor.

Dog walking tips from Cesar Millan (external site - opens in new window)

Many pet owners make money by selling pet accessories, clothing and food. It's easier than ever before to get started in this market as you can both source and sell your wares online. Try and hit areas of the market that are under-addressed or growing fast. What about designer clothes for dogs and cats, diet food and specialist accessories for rarer and difficult to keep pets?

cute pets

Dressing up pets is a fast-growing business, and whatever you might think about the pros and cons of putting your cat in a hat or your dog in a parka, there's no doubt that the potential market is huge.

Why do people dress up their pets? ( BBC Magazine - external site - opens in new window)

dog walking jobs

Start a dog walking business

Many people want to keep their dogs fit, happy and socialised but are too busy to do it themselves. That's where you can make money as a professional dog walker.

Try to offer as many services as you can such as feeding, collection and delivery and cleaning muddy paws and you'll soon build up a good client base.

Advertise on posters in vets, pet shops and anywhere else that dog owners gather and have cards printed up to hand out to any dog walkers you meet in the park!

It's important that you have insurance to cover accidents to the dog and public liability in case Rover sinks his teeth into a passer-by or runs in front of a cyclist! Make sure that you and the client discuss any necessary instructions such as whether the dog is allowed off the lead etc.

How much money can I make as a Dog Walker?

Earnings can vary depending on which part of the country you are in. At 2019 rates you could expect to make between £10 - £15 per hour per dog in more affluent areas although you may have to pitch your prices lower when you are getting started.

Some walkers, particularly teenagers charge from £5 per hour.

If you can walk more than one dog at a time, your hourly rate can become quite impressive but it's vital that you don't take more dogs than you can safely handle at one time.

Make money keeping Animals

Don't forget as well that there is money to be made by keeping animals yourself. The most popular options are keeping chickens (free-range and organic eggs are in great demand and fetch premium prices) and bees (home-made honey is very popular).

Both activities can be carried out on a scale to suit your own needs. Even the smallest of town gardens would have space for a couple of chickens in a coop. You may not make much money from this, but you won't lack for fresh eggs.

Getting started is easier than ever before as all the necessary equipment can be purchased via mail order over the web. You can search for livestock providers in your area plus there are lots of forums and FAQ pages to help you get started.

Finally, you could consider breeding - dogs, cats, carp, lizards - you name it. However, this is not an area you should venture into without extensive prior knowledge. It's much more than just putting a pair of animals together and selling the offspring. Although the profits to be made might appear good on the surface, you need to factor in a lot of costs and effort such as vet bills,etc. You need to really care about and have an interest in the animals you're raising.

Poultry information and stock ( external site - opens in new window)

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