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woman thinking of ideasHow to start a Work from Home Business

Starting your own business from home is easier than it has ever been. The web makes it a much simpler task to find the knowledge you need to start your business, advertise and promote it, buy stock or equipment, find customers and sell your products.

Most importantly with gloomy economic predictions, it's much cheaper to start a business from home than to pay out for premises for office or retail space. Most of the businesses listed on this site can be started and run on a small budget, enabling you to keep overheads down and minimise the risk of your business failing. If you're employed, many of them can be carried out in your spare time.

Questions to ask yourself before starting your business

Do I have skills or qualifications I can use to Work from Home, such as work skills like book-keeping, data entry or PR skills? Do I have a qualification, such as a degree, which I could use for tuition?

Can I create a business by building on an existing hobby or interest? Can my gardening or DIY enthusiasm translate to a part-time or home-based business and provide a second income? Could I make crafts to sell?

Can I learn a new skill to earn money? What about a computer course or learning to be a plumber? Where do I find out about courses and training ?

Does my new business need funding for buying materials, tools or stock? Where do I get funding if I need it? Can I get a grant? Do I need to write a business plan?

If you've given some thought to the above questions, a business idea might already have sprung to mind and you're ready to go. But if you can't think of an idea to make money from home, then check out the ideas we've listed, to give you some help and inspiration in setting up your working from home business. There are many options in which no investment is needed to start your business, so no matter how short of cash you are you can still find ways to make money from home.

This site is based in the UK, but a great business idea can earn you money in the US, Australia, Europe, India or wherever you live. The 'World Wide Web' really is that, and has made starting a home business so much easier.

The tricky part of starting your own business is the first year - as many businesses fail in the early days. Find out how to maximise your chances of success. How do you get started? What are the legalities? Do you need a licence, insurance or a permit? Do you have to tell your mortgage company? How do you raise money? How does a business plan help? When do you need to tell the taxman? What about starting a limited company? What are the pitfalls to watch for?

Find out more on starting your business

Now check out the 100 most popular Work from Home ideas and get started!

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