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Work at Home jobs in India

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Not many home jobs are what they're described to be. Do your research carefully to avoid losing money and wasting time.


Many young (and not-so-young!) people in India are looking for work that falls outside the usual call centre or business process outsourcing (BPO) type of employment. There are opportunities to work from home in India, mainly in the IT and online sectors. There are however a lot of scam websites which promise much in the way of earning money from home but which fail to deliver anything more than a headache and a big dent in your bank balance.

Some scams ask for a set up fee and some don't, but all these data input 'jobs' offer the scammer the chance to take your money you off in a variety of ways. They prey on people who are looking for ways to make money from home and promise much but deliver little.

Most people's idea of a data entry job is one where you get paid for inputting information into a PC, either by the hour, per page, word or whatever.

This kind of legitimate data entry work is very difficult to find to do on a work at home basis, particularly outside larger cities such as Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and in some rural areas where broadband access can still be problematic.

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There are plenty of real data entry jobs, for example entering invoices into Excel or accounts packages, but they are largely office based at the company in question and not offered to those working at home.

Plus such employment doesn't generally pay a great amount - just the normal hourly or daily rate - not the hundreds or thousands a day offered by data entry job opportunities.

If you are looking for a way to earn money from home take a look at some of the other ideas on this site. There are no get-rich-quick schemes, but there are genuine ways you can make a reasonable extra income by working from home. Check out the menu to the left and look for something that might suit you - some jobs offer ways to make money without investment and some require only basic skills.

Indian lady with credit cardsAre all data entry jobs legitimate?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of disreputable companies offering data entry work from home. These will not only fail to earn you any extra, they can also end up costing you hard-earned cash.

If you are searching out ways to make extra cash, you might see a small advert that promises big earnings for data entry or cut and paste work done at home. The ad will take you to a page that confirms you can make lots of money by just sitting at your PC and doing a little typing for a few hours a week.

Why large amounts of money are available to anyone with no specific skills other than basic typing and the ability to switch on a computer is not generally explained.

However, the scammers say that you will receive all the necessary information once you have signed up and paid your sign-up / registration / joining / administration fee.

You might feel reassured with all sorts of testimonials, guarantees and money-back promises on their website and in their emails, but - be warned - once you've parted with your cash, getting it back is usually impossible.

All of a sudden your phone calls and emails will not be answered and the polite replies you received before paying can turn to silence and even abuse and threats!

Warning - avoid home work opportunities that want you to send money up front. You are the source of income!

A popular rip-off is to advertise and say that they have many companies waiting for people who want to work from home. BUT to access the email list or website of potential employers, you must register and 'invest' an up-front fee. 'Once you've paid,' the scammers say 'you'll get the login details or get the jobs emailed to you and start earning'

In practice there are usually no employers and many people have received nothing!

If you're looking for ways to make money on the web, the key is to research in depth before you make any commitment or investment. Search the company and site name online and discuss the idea with family and friends before you do anything.

Find out more about dubious get rich quick ideas and shady businesses on sites like Indian Consumer Complaints Forum (external site - opens in new window) and remember if you need to check out an online 'opportunity' just do a search on the company name with 'review' or 'sucks' after it and you might just save yourself a lot of time and money!

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Always research before you pay any money to a company you do not know



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