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Work from Home jobs for mums

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Many mums who would love to return to the workplace, or start a job for the first time are put off by the difficulty and the cost of arranging childcare.

If you've got kids to drop off and pick up from a childminder, nursery or school, you can feel tired and stressed out before you've even got to work.

Add in the costs involved if there are no relatives to help with child care and it's no wonder that many mums feel that the efforts of going out to work often outweigh the benefits. If you have young children it can be difficult just attending an interview let alone organising working on a regular basis.

That's why many mums are choosing to work at home, either for themselves or as an employee. Working from home can offer the flexibility you need when combining bringing up a family with earning a living.

Working from home allows you to choose hours that suit you and, if you're working for yourself running your own business, you can take time off as and when you need it. Working from home brings a flexibility that it is hard to find with general employment. You can choose a business that requires only a few hours a week or one that will take up most of your time. With both cases, you will be working from home and be available for your kids as necessary.

Many work at home mums ( Wahm's) have started small businesses intending to earn a few extra pounds, and have so enjoyed working for themselves that they have grown their business to employ others and make serious money.

Whatever your motivation to work from home is, you'll find our ideas and suggestions for a business will give you some food for thought and hopefully the incentive to get started on the road to becoming your own boss.

mum on phone working at home with childrenWhat are the options for a work at home mum (wahm)?

Broadly speaking you can either:

Work for yourself by starting your own business from home

The options here are to start your own business from scratch or work as an agent or party planner for a larger company. These are typically self-employed positions and the level of investment required can range from zero up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. The rewards can be high if you are willing to put the work in and move up to a management position in party planning.

Direct selling – often involves taking catalogues door-to-door to sell products. Established companies such as Avon (Beauty products) have a loyalty following from many customers, and only require a £15 investment from you to get started. You can start off as an independent representative or take the job further by recruiting others as a Sales Leader. It's up to you how much time and effort you put into it. You get commission back on your orders, i.e over £78 - 20%, over £148 - 25% and incentives and rewards. You are likely to make lots of new friends and get to talk to your neighbours!

PA and Office work - you will need your own computer with internet access, good office skills and your own website is useful. Check for vacancies at your local job centre and employment sites, such as working mums

Housework - taking in ironing, dressmaking and sewing alterations or dog walking can be jobs that fit in with caring for young children

Childminding - if you are at home looking after your young children and your home is set up to be safe and stimulating for them, then this could be an easy choice. You can be your own boss, choose your own hours and also get the chance to make a real difference to children's lives.

Childminders in the UK have to complete training recognised by their local authority before they can register. Check with your local authority or Family Information Service which introductory courses they approve of, as this can vary in different areas. The training generally includes a local authority approved pre-registration course, and 12-hour paediatric first-aid training. How to become a childminder

Delivery - working as a leaflet or newspaper distributor can fit in well with taking your baby or toddler for a walk. Try your job centre for local delivery opportunities

If you can raise the franchise fee, you could also look at buying a franchise, there are many available which are well-suited to running from home, and of course, you can fit your work activities around your other commitments.

Work from home for someone else

If you don't want the responsibility of working for yourself, you can work for an employer from home. However, the working from home for an employer opportunities can be a difficult one to get into unless you have an in-demand skill.

Homeshoring is increasingly being used in the UK. This is where companies employ individuals to answer calls in their own homes, rather than in call-centres with obvious advantages for both the employer and employee.

The roles are typically in Customer Service and sales and usually require a dedicated phone line and broadband connection. If you're thinking about working from home for an employer, ensure that you research the company fully before you start, and that you fully understand what commitments are required of you.

Although you are usually working exclusively for one company, they will often require that you have your own limited company for administrative and payment purposes. Having a limited company has advantages in that you are not usually personally liable for the debts of that company, but it does come with a number of obligations such as having to file annual returns at Companies House. Talk to an accountant if you're not sure what this entails, and what personal costs you will incur.

Be particularly careful if you're asked for any kind of registration or sign-up fee. Some offers are genuine, but there are a lot of scams around. You could also consider doing piecework or assembly work from home but again be very wary of scammers!

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