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Work as an adult or children's entertainer

clown working as children's entertainerWork as a Children's Entertainer

If you are great with kids and can entertain them, why not earn some extra cash by doing a magic show, ventriloquism, balloon sculpting, clowning, puppeteering or juggling at kid's parties?

You can brush up on your skills, or learn new ones by joining a magic club or taking drama lessons.

If you're good then recommendations amongst parents will soon spread and you'll find your services regularly in demand.

If you aren't up to putting on a performance, how about Bear Making or running and hiring a bouncy castle?

Don't forget face painting at events, sports meetings, football and rugby matches.

This can range from complex hand-painted designs for kids, through to a quick stencilled team logo on the cheek for sports fans.

Henna tattoos for older kids are another popular option as well at summer fetes, festivals and fairs.

You'll need to ensure that you have public liability insurance and also that any electrical equipment, such as amplifiers or pumps for bouncy castles, have valid test certificates.

It's worth getting your CRB, a check by the Criminal Records Bureau as this gives parents added confidence. This has been recently changed to DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).

man busking on saxWork as an Entertainer

If you can sing, tell jokes, play the guitar, strip, or escape from a straitjacket while whistling 'dixie' you could make a living or at least beer money by doing it in public!

Try pub talent nights, comedy clubs, or busking - check with your local council to see if you need permission before you start performing on the street.

You might get away with playing a guitar without a permit, but it's not so easy to get away with a circus act without being moved on or fined!

Who knows? The big time might be just around the corner. Magicians have had something of a resurgence lately with many clubs and restaurants paying to keep their customers entertained between courses.

Approach the venue owner and ask for a try-out. You may have to do the first gig free, if that's what it takes to get started.

There are also full-time and seasonal jobs for entertainers in holiday camps, leisure parks and cruise ships.

The Stage newspaper carries vacancies and contacts for Jobs for entertainers (external site, opens in new window)


Seasonal work at holiday camps and leisure parks (external site, opens in new window)

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Insurance - We strongly advise that you take out the appproriate insurance to cover your activities. A good independent broker will be able to advise you on what cover you need.


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