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what are the best work from home jobsWhat are the best work from home job ideas?

Many of the jobs listed on this page and the next one can be carried out from home or a workshop. Sometimes the only equipment you need is a mobile phone and a notebook.

The skill requirement for the jobs listed runs from unskilled occupations, such as Catalogue Delivery and Pet-Sitting through to jobs that require a reasonable level of experience, like many of the therapy based jobs to the ones that require a high level of expertise or qualifications.

Direct selling and party planning have had a bad press in the past, but if you do a little research you will find that plenty of people do make good money at it. If you are friendly and outgoing then organising and holding a party plan sales party can be great fun, as well as a useful source of income.

Don't forget that if there's a job or business idea that appeals to you but you lack the necessary skills, there is often a full or part-time course or training which can help you get started.

If you're unemployed or in receipt of benefit, there is a whole range of free advice and support which you can access and which can help you to get free or subsidised training.


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100 More of the most popular free Work at Home jobs and business ideas

Acupressurewoman working as a cleaner
Alexander technique
Business Advisor
Buying and Selling for profit
Buying and Selling Cars
Car Collection and Delivery
Car Repairs and servicing
Car Restoring
Car Valeting
Catalogue Delivery
Chat Line Operator
Children's Entertainer

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Driving InstructorExample

When facing redundancy from his Customer Service position in a financial services call centre, Barry decided that he'd had enough of working for other people and decided to train to be a Driving Instructor.

He checked out the various providers of driving instructor courses, and after shopping around on the web found a trainer in his area who was able to do most of his tuition during the evenings and weekends.

Barry used some of his leave to take the statutory tests and by the time he was made redundant, he was already qualified as a trainee instructor and was able to become a fully qualified Driving Instructor within a few weeks.

Barry is now self-employed and is earning almost £30,000 per annum for an investment of a couple of thousand pounds, which he was able to pay in installments.

He's also feeling a lot more secure as his new job can't be outsourced.

Starting a small business in the UK, the US or the EU

Financial information on this site relates primarily to the UK but work at home and small business ideas and information can be useful wherever you are. Most of our users are based in the UK and US but we are seeing more and more budding entrepreneurs from countries further afield such as India and the far east!

Don't forget though, that the legalities of starting and running a business vary from country to country and state to state. Your business may need permissions, licences, registration and insurance and of course your friendly tax office will want to know about your earnings!

It's your responsibility to ensure that your business is compliant with all necessary rules and regulations.

Luckily, there is a wealth of knowledge available on the web about how to start up a business in your area. Good places to find information are national, state and local government websites and your local chamber of commerce or business bureau.

The bureaucracy can have a plus side though - you may find your start-up or innovative business is eligible for support in the form of tax breaks, subsidised business loans, grants and other practical help.


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