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work as a DJ

If you love music and clubbing - why not work as a DJ?

The lists below will help inspire you with a home job idea that you can make some extra money with. All these jobs can be carried out in your spare time, evenings and weekends, and many have formed the basis of successful part-time home businesses. The jobs below will particularly appeal if you like working with people and many of them are ideal for part-time work being in demand mainly outside office or school hours.

Don't forget that if you need cash to pay off some bills, in addition to all the 'micro business' ideas listed below, there are also seasonal jobs in the retail and leisure industries at various times of the year. Many of these can be carried out during evenings and weekends, or part-time during the day if you have spare time during the week.

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Working as a part-time DJHow to work as a Disk Jockey

If you enjoy music, working as a DJ can be a poptastic way to earn a living at weddings, parties and events of all kinds.

The mobile DJ is always in demand and it needn't be too expensive to get started. If you want to try it out first, you can just rent the equipment and see how you get on.

You'll need to be personable, confident and chatty. You may need to deal with mothers-of-brides, drunken uncles who want more Elvis and kids who want hard house at granny's birthday party! Or you could strut your stuff at clubs and bars - it's evening work that can fit in well with your day job. If you can talk and mix at the same time, you could be on your way to the big time. Top DJs are treated as celebrities these days.

Don't forget Karaoke is also popular at events and social gatherings, either as a stand-alone event or as part of a disco evening.

Door supervisorWork as a Doorman

The door supervisor's role is now regulated by the Security Industry Authority and it is illegal to work as a door supervisor on licensed premises without holding the appropriate SIA licence. As of 2019, it costs £220 for a three year period and you'll need to supply full background details and details of any criminal convictions.

Licensing-door-supervision application (external site, opens in new window)

Door supervision is now about much more than the public perception of the old fashioned 'bouncer', and requires knowledge of civil and criminal law, searching, drugs awareness, licensing law, equal opportunities and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

There are many companies offering training courses on the different skills you need, so take a little time to do some research and shop around to find the price and type of course that suits.

You'll need to be physically fit and, most importantly, be able to deal calmly and professionally with a wide variety of people in sometimes stressful or difficult situations.

Female Door Supervisors

The amount of women working as door supervisors has increased over recent years. As well as dealing with drug and weapon searches on female customers, women door supervisors have often been able to take a successful 'softly, softly' approach with aggressive and potentially violent males and defuse a situation before it 'kicks off'.

Escort Jobs

DON'T! Unless you know and accept exactly what you're getting it and read about the many bad experiences. Escort work for women will almost always involve providing sexual 'extras'

If you are looking for a job as a male escort, the object will be for the 'agency' to separate you from your money as quickly as possible. You'll be asked to call a premium rate phone number to find out more and/or pay a (non-refundable) registration fee before you are given any work. The work then fails to appear. Adverts looking for male escorts are virtually guaranteed to be nothing more than a quick way of losing your money.

Find out more about escort scams

Find out more about working on a sex chat line

Waiter / Bar staff / Promotions

part time waitingThis is a useful part-time and seasonal earner. Ask around at your local pubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels, function rooms, golf club, masonic hall, etc. You could try a google search for 'event staff' in your area and contact the agencies that appear.

The catering and hospitality industry has a huge demand for part-time and casual staff, and once you have a little experience you'll find that the work will come your way with increasing regularity - once you prove yourself to be reliable and flexible with hours.

If you can do Silver Service, you'll always be in demand for functions as there is always a need for experienced bar staff. There are no specific qualifications to get started but you should be presentable, reliable and polite.

Waiting can also be a suitable part-time job for 16 year olds, but do check the legislation in your area.

If you're the outgoing and friendly type, maybe being a toastmaster would suit. You need to be a good public speaker and keep cool under pressure. The job is very rewarding when you help a major function or wedding run smoothly. Courses are available from english toastmasters (external site, opens in new window)

If you enjoy meeting and talking to the public you could consider promotional or PR work. This covers everything from walking the streets handing out leaflets to promote clubs, bars and restaurants to demonstrating products in stores or at exhibitions.

Seasonal work at holiday camps and leisure parks (external site, opens in new window)

Work as a Wedding Photographer

See under photography jobs

More Home Jobs

Insurance - We strongly advise that you take out the appproriate insurance to cover your activities. A good independent broker will be able to advise you on what cover you need.


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